Womens Knitted Ski Cap Warm Winter Wool Knit Beanie Hat Large Faux Pom Bobble 1

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WORM BEANIE HATS Super Soft for Maximum Comfort & Warmth Winter Collection 2017-2018 FASHION FOR SKI & SNOWBOARD See My Other Listing Our company manufactures high quality knitewear winter caps for both men and women. We aim our collections to be a combination of unique design with top of the range product. We only use high-quality yarn of domestic and Italian producers. Each design is a proof of our deep commitment, yet our experience and passion enable us to bring the best ideas to life. Every winter season is a new challenge, and numerous ideas give us an opportunity to create new and unique design. All our patterns are chosen accordingly to latest fashion trends - it guarantees full satisfaction of our customers. The final effect of our efforts is an excellent product designed and manufactured for the most demanding users. Our company's main goal is to provide high quality service, so that our product can recive continuous recognition in Poland as well as abroad. We use modern machines manufactured by the German company Stoll and we benefit from the experience of the best designers . Thanks to the highly specialized units our caps get noticeable accessories what makes them unique. We care to make our product exceptional and original. Therefore, the final hand finish on each cap is very important stage of production.